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Ability to re-arrange media so you can see a preview of how it will look in instagram profile



Not sure why it's not already a feature but would be great if you could re-arrange the images in the media library to see a rough preview of how they will look with each other once posted.

I know there is a 'preview' feature once the content has been scheduled to be posted but this is just a really inconvenient workaround and also if you just drop them in to be posted purley so you can preview them, then  you delete them they still disappear from your media library if you have 'unused' media setting on, even though  you deleted them and didn't post them...


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  • Oct 2 2019
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  • Bre Elbourn commented
    23 Nov, 2019 02:09am

    I agree it would be really great to be able to re-arrange photos in the media library.  This would allow even further pre-organization. I typically like to curate my feed based on colours, this would help me group like-images :)