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Show full image when clicking on scheduled post in app Merged

When you tap a scheduled post in the app to edit or view the details, the image is cropped square. This sometimes makes it difficult to read the captions or other content of the image when reviewing your upcoming posts (which may have been scheduled weeks or months ago.) It would be nice if either the full image was displayed on that details view, or, you could tap that preview and bring up the full image. More of the image is displayed in the schedule list view but it’s still cropped a bit and it’s so small that it’s very hard to read. 


This will particularly help when reviewing upcoming posts that were scheduled a while ago. Sometimes you want to check them for relevance or maybe they may not be appropriate based on what’s happening in the news / current events / etc. Or you may just be in the mood to switch them up. 


Right now now the only solution is to go to a PC to review but hey... this is the Instagram generation right? ;)

  • Guest
  • Aug 22 2019
  • Future consideration