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Allow Apps to Share to Later Mobile App Directly

Hey guys, I'm trying to streamline our workflow for uploading images and video to the Later mobile app. The typical way we had been doing this was by using a reposting app to save the image onto a device and then open the Later app and upload the image to its respective media gallery.
i noticed that Later appears in the share menu for some of these reposting apps but whenever we try to share an image directly, the app just freezes on the "Uploading Media" screen. From what I understand, it is because the later app is expecting a .JPG file and most of these apps are trying to send a .JPEG file. I actually got one of the smaller app developers to adjust his code to send .JPG files and that worked like a charm.
I guess what I'm asking is can something be done to make the Later mobile app accept both .JPG and .JPEG files? I know the files are the same but the filenames are causing the issue. This simple change would not only save users time but also space on their devices.
  • Darnell Jackson
  • Jul 10 2019
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