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Ability to see previously tagged accounts in a post so that we can reuse them

I would like to reuse previously tagged accounts in a new post. Unfortunately, Later doesn't show that and if you tag 20 accounts and want to see them on Instagram, you'll find out that they all cover each other. Definitely not worth the time to go through it and manually retype every account. Could you please allow to see tagged accounts in calendar history?

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  • Jun 18 2019
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    19 Jun, 2019 05:07pm

    Hey! I agree, they definitely should have a place for saved tags or previously used tags for easier tagging.

    Fun fact that will help you for now... you can move around the 'dots' for each tagged account when you tag them. Simply type in their username & before you click done, click the photo where you'd like the tag to go! It took me a month of using Later to figure that out haha