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Multi-Tile Posts

I post a lot of panoramas on my IG account which extends across 3-6 tiles.


The current way to schedule this is various tedious. First I would have to export the image to Dropbox, then download it on my phone, use any multi-tile creator app to crop multiple images from your one image, then schedule that on Later, and then delete any residue files. This takes minutes to do. 


It would be much better if we can upload the single image to Later from my PC directly, and then have a tool to crop it into multiple scheduled posts. This would take seconds to do.

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  • Nov 14 2016
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    Roger Patterson commented
    18 Nov, 2016 11:21pm

    Good news - you should be able to achieve this currently!

    Simply upload the whole image into Later on your desktop using our awesome Web App.  Then drag the image onto the calendar multiple times to create multiple posts (say 3), then in each post, you can edit the crop individually!