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Upload Resolution Low Quality!

Hi Later :) When images are auto posted through Later, the resolution is lower than if they are posted directly on Instagram. As a photographer, this is of course really important so I can no longer use your service! Please fix this issue. Thank you!

  • Jan
  • May 5 2019
  • In progress
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  • Guest commented
    12 May 03:14pm

    I'll note I used to used Buffer and their platform was even worse. They had horrible gradient banding/pixelation on images. After a long time working with their tech support they just said it wasn't possible to fix with their API.

    I've had much BETTER results with Later, but still would love them to be improved.

  • An Jo commented
    23 Apr 06:15pm

    I thought it was ok, I took my subscription for 2 years and there BOOM I see that nothing has been done and that we are not even aware of this problem. It is shameful !

  • Jose Salinas commented
    9 Apr 05:26am

    What a shame with this, one year altmost and they are "in progress". I hope that they fix it or I'll be looking for other platforms.

  • Candice Chong commented
    31 Mar 05:08am

    i literally just subscribe... and i post video! this is a big disappointment, and should be your top 1 priority to fix

  • Lisa Picerni commented
    21 Feb 12:55am

    I totally agree with this, we had professional images done for our Instagram and our photographer was not happy when we were posting. This also devalues their brand when we tag them to credit them for the images. I hope this gets addressed soon.

  • Seb Loaiza commented
    20 Feb 04:41pm

    This is also an issue for me,  plese fix this!

  • Kaiedn Jay commented
    6 Feb 12:05am

    Sked Social is able to publish in full resolution

  • Jason Martinez commented
    15 Jan 03:51am

    I believe this is a limitation with Instagram's API. I haven't found a software that publishes hi-res images to IG.

  • Truan Hick commented
    8 Jan 10:58am

    Is there any update on the progress of this?

  • iran lock commented
    30 Dec, 2019 07:54am

    This is an important issue to fix. I too have noticed the lower resolution quality compared to the original image. 

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  • Tony Carrasco commented
    21 Dec, 2019 01:51am

    I am a Graphic Designer and I too have notice the loss of quality using Auto post, its almost 2020 so in these times quality has become crucial and must be clear and sharp or else we become irrelevant. Hope its fixed or else I need to unsubscribe. 

  • Kriston Pauley commented
    2 Dec, 2019 06:41pm

    This is an issue that has caused problems for our business lately. Just today I had to repost an image that was auto-scheduled due to extremely poor quality. When I posted through Instagram directly, there was a major difference in quality. Please fix this issue or we will have to be finding a different social media scheduling platform to go with. 

  • Tyler commented
    20 Nov, 2019 10:16pm

    I have just checked this, and it seems to be uploading a low-res image still. I uploaded an image that is 1080px wide, but now on my feed it's 640px wide. I am not using the auto-scheduler - it's just the notification features. I don't know why it should be like this as it's not using the Instagram API in my case (as I'm not a business profile).

    I had a task in my calendar this week to change to a yearly subscription for Later, but now I will wait until this is done before I think about that.

  • Daniel Rubín commented
    20 Nov, 2019 07:33pm

    Please give us more info about this issue!

    We do lot of work on photos in postproduction for better image quality on social medias. If it is true you ruin our work.

  • Alex Giagiakos commented
    6 Nov, 2019 01:35pm

    Ok. I am just start using later, but this is a really serious issue. Is there an official response from 10th of May?

  • Shawn Lewis commented
    11 Oct, 2019 06:16pm

    I suspected but didn't test it myself until I read this. its true! still! as of October 2019.  im going to cancel my subscription, this isn't ok for me

  • India Jackson commented
    2 Oct, 2019 03:18am


  • aaron commented
    23 Sep, 2019 11:22pm

    Has anybody tested this by using the specific image size and color space requirements listed on Later? If yes is this still a issue?

  • BADIN CARON Elisabeth commented
    3 Sep, 2019 09:17am

    Bonjour, mes clients se plaignent de la qualité des photos également . L'un de mes client est à deux doigts de ma quitter à cause de cela. Il considère que cela nuit à son image . Un délai pour que le problème soit résolu ?

  • G GN commented
    1 Sep, 2019 02:14am

    ANY UPDATES ON THIS ? Its been "in progress" for a very long time. My subscription is renewing end of this month and i would like to know if this will get fixed by then. if not, im out. This is a serious showstopper.

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