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Upload Resolution Low Quality!

Hi Later :) When images are auto posted through Later, the resolution is lower than if they are posted directly on Instagram. As a photographer, this is of course really important so I can no longer use your service! Please fix this issue. Thank you!

  • Jan
  • May 5 2019
  • In progress
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  • Ollie Forex commented
    04 Sep 17:04

    I’ve been experiencing poor quality uploads the past couple of weeks, I thought it was me downloading images too large to post so it gets compressed but I’ve tested this and it’s nowhere near the max stated on the website.

    This needs looking into, Instagram is literally all about the photo/image you post!

  • Anna Kalina commented
    04 Sep 16:06

    Due to a low res pictures I may have to find a different solution. This is very important since I sell high-end jewelry.

  • salem aldosari commented
    23 Aug 08:00

    they need to fix this i really hope this change happen but if not i ll find a good replacement

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  • Tanner Dritschler commented
    06 Jul 03:03

    Ironically, I've found totally mixed results when testing this... I've found that high resolution images are still posting well overall compared to lower quality images or graphics.

    If Later could build some consistency into the equation that would be MUCH appreciated. It's a similar story for video...

    Tanner from DM

  • Cathy Smith commented
    26 Jun 21:16

    I’m having this problem also and suddenly. My images are already compressed and smaller than 2mb but are still uploading in horrible quality. This is just in the past couple of weeks. When it originally happened, the photos were likely not the right size so I reduced them even further and now they look worse. I’m on a free account but have been for over a year with no problems and now suddenly this. It’s both Instagram and Facebook uploads.

  • Fran Yan commented
    26 Jun 18:10

    Anyone tried this?
    Important: Images larger than 1920 x 1080 resolution or 8MB in size will be compressed when publishing. This will reduce the image resolution and quality. To maintain the best image resolution, make sure your image is less than 1920 x 1080 and 8MB (or less than 6MB if you’re editing your image in Later).

  • Fran Yan commented
    26 Jun 18:01

    Same here! please any solution? It's frustrating! Phones are getting more and more screen resolution... low quality pics look realy bad in big screen cells...

  • Sara G commented
    20 Jun 13:00

    same here! This is so frustrating

  • Michal b commented
    11 Jun 18:29

    maybe it's because of limitation on the later server which uploads images to Instagram via API

  • Michal b commented
    11 Jun 18:27

    agree, this should be fixed. i didn't find any scheduler which will upload better images then directly on instagram. simple test by using some online comparison tool, shows how many differences are in images uploaded by later and images uploaded directly to instagram..

  • Guest commented
    12 May 15:14

    I'll note I used to used Buffer and their platform was even worse. They had horrible gradient banding/pixelation on images. After a long time working with their tech support they just said it wasn't possible to fix with their API.

    I've had much BETTER results with Later, but still would love them to be improved.

  • An Jo commented
    23 Apr 18:15

    I thought it was ok, I took my subscription for 2 years and there BOOM I see that nothing has been done and that we are not even aware of this problem. It is shameful !

  • Jose Salinas commented
    09 Apr 05:26

    What a shame with this, one year altmost and they are "in progress". I hope that they fix it or I'll be looking for other platforms.

  • Candice Chong commented
    31 Mar 05:08

    i literally just subscribe... and i post video! this is a big disappointment, and should be your top 1 priority to fix

  • Lisa Picerni commented
    21 Feb 00:55

    I totally agree with this, we had professional images done for our Instagram and our photographer was not happy when we were posting. This also devalues their brand when we tag them to credit them for the images. I hope this gets addressed soon.

  • Seb Loaiza commented
    20 Feb 16:41

    This is also an issue for me,  plese fix this!

  • Kaiedn Jay commented
    06 Feb 00:05

    Sked Social is able to publish in full resolution

  • Jason Martinez commented
    15 Jan 03:51

    I believe this is a limitation with Instagram's API. I haven't found a software that publishes hi-res images to IG.

  • Truan Hick commented
    08 Jan 10:58

    Is there any update on the progress of this?

  • iran lock commented
    December 30, 2019 07:54

    This is an important issue to fix. I too have noticed the lower resolution quality compared to the original image. 

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