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Upload Resolution Low Quality!

Hi Later :) When images are auto posted through Later, the resolution is lower than if they are posted directly on Instagram. As a photographer, this is of course really important so I can no longer use your service! Please fix this issue. Thank you!

  • Guest
  • May 5 2019
  • In progress
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  • Guest commented
    19 Sep 10:02pm

    Wow this is really bad. please fix this ASAP

  • Guest commented
    29 Aug 09:43pm

    Same problem.. quality is really poor.. tested it. 3 years later and you can't fix that problem.. It's a real shame tbh..

  • Charlie Danny commented
    20 Aug 05:08am

    I join the later 4 days ago. I uploaded two photos, but their quality is poor. I think, that was a mistake on my side. However, when I shared the third image, the result was awful. As a result, I don't use later for my work. Later should fix this issue.

  • Jenny LA commented
    16 Aug 01:31am

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  • Guest commented
    2 Aug 03:11pm

    Image quality is important for photographers and even for documenting virtual entertainment like virtual magic shows. At virtual events people want to see and hear everyone clearly so that it feels like we're all in the same room. Image resolution, video quality, and audio quality are each important at virtual events and documenting virtual events.

  • Guest commented
    22 Jul 12:24am

    Great post ! Im feeling similar, i dont see the pont in paying for later app when the pictures that I upload look terrible at the end. How long will this issue take until its fixed ? I dont want to keep on paying if its not working correctly. Thank you !

  • Guest commented
    17 Jun 06:11pm

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    17 Jun 07:30am

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    15 Jun 05:55pm

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  • Guest commented
    26 Apr 01:47pm

    Can someone recommend a later.com alternative that doesn't have this issue?

  • Guest commented
    23 Apr 07:07pm

    Just signed up for Later a few days ago, and my first two posts look horrible. First time I thought it was something I did, second time I followed Later's guidelines and the compression is just really bad.

    It's a shame because its actually a great service but the last effort of your photo being posted is lackluster quality and defeats the entire poupous of Later.

    I'm going back to posting natively on Instagram till this gets figured out then I'll be back.

  • Sub Later commented
    9 Mar 05:36am

    There's no point paying for later if I have to manually save all the material via Dropbox or some other method, just to ensure we're uploading best quality. There is NO DESIRE to upload an already compressed file and get double-compression!!

  • Sub Later commented
    9 Mar 05:35am

    We did a test where we uploaded a 40mb MP4 to Later on the web. We downloaded this to iPhone via Dropbox and also kept the version that Later saves to the photo reels via notification posts. Plug iphone in, take both versions off the phone to compare via Image Capture on Mac (accesses the phone like a hard drive) and the Later version is 3mb not 40. So "unlimited storage space" comes at the cost of you guys compressing the material by a large amount.
    We'd rather have a limit on storage and to upload originals to Insta please.

  • Guest commented
    18 Feb 08:42am

    What is the status for this? I can see that this thread started in May 2019!

    The quality appears to have worsened rather than improved. Of course this may be attributable to circumstance within the control of IG.

    Yet if the starting point from Later is inferior (relative to a direct upload from a phone or a computer) the easy of use of Later is not worth the money, as we as photographers should be able to showcase the best possible quality.

    Pleased with the general useability of Later, yet it will be a no thank you if the quality is not improved within the reasonable future.

    Best regards

  • Guest commented
    18 Feb 04:26am

    I havent posted anything yet but assumed this could happen. It isnt Later's fault though, if you post through the Instagram website you will see the same thing happen. It seems to be something to do with Instagram's API

  • Guest commented
    8 Feb 10:43pm

    Can confirm, images posted through Later are over-compressed and look like crud on Instagram. Have to delete and repost through the Instagram app.

  • Guest commented
    3 Feb 05:32pm

    I literally just had the same thing happen to me twice now. First time I thought it was my fault. But now it's happened again. I don't have the same problem on other apps. I see this thread is now almost 2 years old. It's not okay. The purpose of the Later app is automation, so I shouldn't have to double check every single image came out okay.

  • Sharon Kevil commented
    16 Nov, 2020 09:24pm

    What is the ETA on this? I just had a particularly awful grainy post, and this isn't how I'm going to "grow" my brand.

  • Guest commented
    14 Oct, 2020 09:12am

    fix this ASAP. My followers are going down for ym


  • Guest commented
    19 Sep, 2020 12:40pm

    Please fix this issu

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