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Upload Resolution Low Quality!

Hi Later :) When images are auto posted through Later, the resolution is lower than if they are posted directly on Instagram. As a photographer, this is of course really important so I can no longer use your service! Please fix this issue. Thank you!

  • Jan
  • May 5 2019
  • In progress
  • Attach files
  • Jan commented
    10 May 14:56

    Look at these images for example. IMG_6018 was posted directly through Instagram (sharp and detailed). IMG_6017 was posted automatically through Later (soft and unfocused, looks blurred). These are just screenshots so the loss of detail is more apparent than even this shows.

  • Davdi Delahoussaye commented
    11 May 02:58

    I just signed up with Later.  Is this still an is issue?  if so, I won't use it.

  • Jenn G. commented
    11 May 04:34

    I recently signed up with later as well. As a photographer, I too would like to know if this is still an issue. 

  • Jan commented
    13 May 00:22

    Hi all. As of a few days ago yes this is still an issue. Later, please address this. Thank you.

  • Janelle Brooke Photo . commented
    15 May 21:46

    Please address this issue! We have a paid subscription and are very unhappy with how the photos are looking when auto published. 

  • Krystal Whitten commented
    18 May 03:23

    This is an important issue to fix. I too have noticed the lower resolution quality compared to the original image. 

  • Priyanshi Mehta commented
    13 Jun 09:18

    Yes, this is still an issue, I uploaded an image with some text, and the text is pixalated. Please fix this quickly, because I might have to leave later due to this.

  • Kromanoid X commented
    03 Jul 15:10

    Wait... is this not fixed yet???

  • Kromanoid X commented
    03 Jul 15:12

    Okay, this is not fixed yet, I'm not going to use it until then

  • david woolery commented
    12 Jul 22:19

    This is the biggest downside to Later and should be a high priority for them to fix. We shouldn't have a worse 

  • Mike commented
    19 Jul 20:36

    No good. Will be canceling my subscription till this is resolved. What is the status of this? Is there a timeline?

  • Jan commented
    27 Jul 23:06

    Hi Later, do you please have any updates for this? It was marked as "in progress" a few months ago, it would be really helpful to get a fix implemented :) Thank you!

  • Hassaan commented
    28 Jul 04:46

    Hi guys. Has there been any improvements? What alternative tools are you ppl looking at for the low res quality issue?

  • Adam Craggs commented
    31 Jul 21:12

    Thought this was me going mad but after checking later direct IG posts are resized to 640x640px facebook and twitter are perfectly fine however. My month with later is nearly up so looking like I'll cancel until they can fix this. Back to buffer I go. 

  • curt wuerflein commented
    01 Aug 15:57

    I didn't know this was an issue until now. Not cool for sure.

  • Haley Pearson commented
    02 Aug 00:41

    Wow that's huge if this is the case. BAD.

  • R Chaffe commented
    10 Aug 13:57

    Has this been fixed guys? Ca we please get an answer. 

  • Neil Prior commented
    12 Aug 21:08

    I experienced the same issue via when scheduling a post, the image was crap. However when it was posted it looked fine, try some testing to see what occurs. Ta

  • Agnes Kelemen commented
    19 Aug 13:32

    Hi LATER, I totally agree with all the suggestions here. This is an important issue to fix. I too have noticed the lower resolution quality compared to the original image. Instagram is all about quality pictures, this is the most important thing there, and LATER destroys the quality.

  • Anthony Arriaga commented
    26 Aug 02:08

    can we have some Community feedback here please

  • G GN commented
    01 Sep 02:14

    ANY UPDATES ON THIS ? Its been "in progress" for a very long time. My subscription is renewing end of this month and i would like to know if this will get fixed by then. if not, im out. This is a serious showstopper.

  • BADIN CARON Elisabeth commented
    03 Sep 09:17

    Bonjour, mes clients se plaignent de la qualité des photos également . L'un de mes client est à deux doigts de ma quitter à cause de cela. Il considère que cela nuit à son image . Un délai pour que le problème soit résolu ?