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Linkin.bio less clicks

Linkin.bio you should make it that we dont need our customers to click x3 times to get to the page were trying to direct them too. I currently kept my other service just because its on less click than later.com. There should be an option where they click our link in the bio, then they click the picture that they recognize then they go directly to the page they were expecting. your linkin.bio has 3 clicks in the marketing world this is a huge loss in sales. you should give us the option that we can remove that 1, 2, 3 etc but have just one click from the landing page and go directly to the webpage they wanted. It migh be fancy but this feature is a big financial loss. I hope you understand what im saying in the linkin.bio you give us the option to click on the different areas and so this means it takes 3 clicks to get to where they want to go. I want it to be 2. But because your creating options for the potential customer to click on that feature even though I only have one option my customers are having to click 3 times and those buttons are "BELOW THE FOLD" this is a HUGE loss. I dont want the option and I want the picture to be clickable when we only have one URL to direct them to., This ruins my analytics. I already loos 50% requiring them to click 2 time but your app its 3 so the loss is even greater plus they done know the button of choices (which I dont want) is down below. It would be better above the photo. Thx 

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  • Apr 22 2019
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