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Add Media Library Pagination + Total number of items displayed

When planning our Instagram feed, we're pulling from 100's of images in our Media Library. It would be great if there were a way to view more than the limiting default 30 items on a desktop browser window to view from. For some, I'm sure 30 is adequate, but we constantly have to keep clicking "load more" when looking through visual assets in our library to pair up with the Instagram Preview mode.

2 ideas, that could work in combination:

  1. Add drop down to toggle that reveals the ability to display more than default 30 (could be increments of 30) at a time.
  2. Include Pagination so there's an idea of how many more times I have to click load more, or # of media items out of total # (based on labels selected, or not selected).

Essentially, some way of being able to view more items quickly than simply having to click 'load more' multiple times each time we're planning out our social calendar. We keep having to do this each time we click on a label to dive deeper into our content in Media Library as well.


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  • Apr 22 2019
  • Future consideration
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