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Erase unnecessary "Imported from image metadata" line

I'm currently taking advantage Later's ability to import metadata on images, such descriptions that I've placed in images exported out of Adobe Lightroom. However, after processing 100's of images and uploading, I would love it if Later would take out the unnecessary extra data that's thrown in:

"Imported from image metadata.”



This text that's automatically added at the top & bottom of description/caption from image metadata is redundant and creates extra work, with having to go into each item one by one and erase this extra text (defeating the purpose of batch processing).

  • Guest
  • Apr 22 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    6 May 12:02pm

    +1 agree that this point of adding this useless line go to the opposite of a the core of Later : saving time!

    I Also agree that this is a decisive point in taking an annual subscription.

  • Javier O commented
    4 Feb 10:07am

    Would really consider annual subscription if this idea was implemented.

  • Izedin Arnautovic commented
    19 Dec, 2019 01:42pm

    Yes, i would like that removed too!  Or at least make it an option to turn the extra data off...