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LinkedIn Integration

Would be great to throw in this last platform for scheduling. Great for all businesses.

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  • Nov 3 2016
  • Planned
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  • Jason Boor commented
    26 Jan 02:44am

    21 people have.... clicked the HELP button... taken the time to comment... and requested this feature just in January! This doesn"t include the number of people who don"t take the time to request... 841 comments 363 comments. The fact that this many people are taking the time out of their day to tell you we need this should be enough to get it done! Seriously stop dicking around and get it done if other schedulers can do it there is no reason for you not to get it done. If 841 people are paying for your software @ $25 a month thats $21,025 in just one month use 2 weeks ($10,000) of that to hire a coder to get it done by February 14th, 2021. There is your goal date.
    Sincerly a paying customer!

  • Jamie Samples commented
    25 Jan 04:34pm

    I am considering switching to CoSchedule since it has been YEARS we have been asking for LinkedIn scheduling - they added TikTok but still have left LI out in the dark - it would be a great addition and would solidify my staying for sure!

  • Kara Stout commented
    22 Jan 08:46pm

    I was looking into leaving later for a platform that has LinkedIn... I really love Later - hoping this gets here soon.

  • Rachel Clepper commented
    20 Jan 06:17pm

    Would love to have a LinkedIn integration. We were thinking about using this platform until we say that it was not available.

  • suresh bansal commented
    19 Jan 10:46am

    Linkedin as really evolved over the last few years, please could we get this integrated soon.

  • Randi P'Pool commented
    14 Jan 11:06pm

    I will upgrade to a paid account when the LinkedIn connection is available.

  • Debbie Byrd commented
    14 Jan 03:28pm

    I'd LOVE to have a LinkedIn option. I have to have a separate account on Hootsuite, which I really dislike, just to schedule LinkedIn. I could have one account with Hootsuite and use it for Instagram and FB, but I dislike the platform so much that I have two accounts right now!

  • Arlindo Neto commented
    13 Jan 08:02pm

    When LinkedIn is available, I will join the platform again.

  • Debra Blair commented
    13 Jan 12:44pm

    An integration with LinkedIn can't happen soon enough!!! Looking forward to this. I see it is planned. Is there a timeline when we can expect this? Thanks!

  • Emily Martin commented
    11 Jan 07:33pm

    PLEASE add linkedin!! Later seems like the best scheduling tool for social media EXCEPT for the fact it doesn't include linkedin - causing me to use several different scheduling apps that overlap... heck add Google my business posting too so users can use Later for EVERYTHING.

  • Artium Dostman commented
    9 Jan 01:53pm

    we must have this feature.

  • Keena Habeeb commented
    8 Jan 11:54pm

    please integrate, its what i wanted for Christmas

  • Nora Ben commented
    8 Jan 07:18pm

    I need this yesterday!

  • Philip Bacon commented
    7 Jan 07:03pm

    It would certainly make life smoother for us.

    Bacon Marketing

  • Josephine Zappia commented
    7 Jan 04:33am

    yes, pls integrate LI

  • A M commented
    6 Jan 09:11pm

    any update on when this integration might happen? we are thinking about leaving later for another platform that offers this if not.

  • Sarah Huard commented
    6 Jan 02:09pm

    Agree 100% on having an integration with LinkedIn! Would love YouTube as well.

  • Smith johnn commented
    6 Jan 11:15am

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  • Jonathan commented
    5 Jan 05:56pm

    I'm having to use another service to scheule my LinkedIn content and the interface isn't as good as Later's. Please please PLEASE add LinkedIn scheduling to Later.

  • Slone commented
    4 Jan 02:39pm

    Please add, we would love to switch to Later but will not until it's integrated with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is too important to not have scheduling capabilities for.

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