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LinkedIn Integration

Would be great to throw in this last platform for scheduling. Great for all businesses.

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  • Nov 3 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • Victoria Bagnell commented
    5 Jun 02:29am

    I would love it LinkedIn was included with Later app. I would like Patreon as part of it as well.

  • Kathleen Smith commented
    4 Jun 08:47pm

    Later is literally the perfect platform except it doesn't offer Linkedin scheduling so I would still need to use another platform in addition.... c'mon y'all -- it's been years now. What's the ETA on this?

  • Rajat Bhatnagar commented
    1 Jun 07:40pm

    does anyone even look at this? It has the highest upvotes and it is still a "future consideration"?

  • Todd Morrison commented
    1 Jun 05:21pm

    Please add LinkedIn. It would help me to make the switch.

  • Anna Schkade commented
    1 Jun 04:05am

    Like others, I love Later, but need LinkedIn. Very disappointed to have to look elsewhere...

  • Sonal Dave commented
    26 May 04:31pm

    to make Later an even more valued platform it would be great if LinkedIn could be included to schedule posts. That would allow for consistency across social media even more

  • Elena Spadavecchia commented
    26 May 12:29pm

    Totally agree, please add LinkedIn!

  • Kirsty Northover commented
    26 May 07:17am

    Please add LinkedIn! It’s now my primary platform so without it added I probably won’t need later anymore.

  • Brendan McCormack commented
    24 May 10:07am

    Has this become a thing yet? It seems like a no brainer

  • Rob McConville commented
    20 May 07:42pm

    please add Linkedin!!

  • lauren commented
    13 May 06:39pm

    I can't use Later until there is a Linked In integration - would love for it to be added!

  • Nicole Bogas commented
    13 May 04:24pm

    I love using Later but plan to start prioritizing LinkedIn for some of our B2B marketing efforts. Would love for LinkedIn to be added. If not, we may need to start looking at other options like Hootsuite or Sprinklr.

  • Ara Dobantón commented
    12 May 04:17pm

    yes! please add Linkedin <3

  • Diahala doucoure commented
    12 May 03:10pm

    Yes please add this feature. It would make it so much worth to keep continuing on this platform

  • Kairo Rahman commented
    9 May 06:07pm

    Linkedin Integration is important for my business and is the deal breaker to keeping this subscription!

  • Greg G commented
    8 May 04:41pm

    The lack of this feature is becoming a dealbreaker. Planning to switch services after my subscription ends.

  • Paula Capodistrias commented
    8 May 01:22pm

    Shame this integration is not available yet.

  • Kristina Marshall commented
    7 May 10:10pm

    I would LOVE to see Later integrate with LinkedIn. It's the only thing missing for me at this point.

  • Robin Hirte commented
    7 May 08:35pm

    please integrate LinkedIn - thanks 😊

  • Micah Loewen commented
    6 May 01:33pm

    I post to linkedin every day! Sometimes I want to share the same thoughts on linkedin as I do on twitter so I don't want to share it twice in two different places!

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