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LinkedIn Integration

Would be great to throw in this last platform for scheduling. Great for all businesses.

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  • Nov 3 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • Social Seed commented
    15 Sep 15:51

    Very important. Thumbs UP

  • Tahlia King commented
    15 Sep 15:25

    Come on Later, have had to sign up to Hootsuite just for LIk scheduling!

  • Elle Beesley commented
    08 Sep 14:34

    Whyyyy is this not a priority? Get it sorted, guys!

  • Axel Nilsson commented
    04 Sep 11:14

    When LinkedIn is integrated, I'll upgrade my plan! It's an important part of what we do

  • Ru M commented
    02 Sep 10:41

    Yes please, so dissapointing that it isn't part of your platform

  • Sandrine Graesel commented
    01 Sep 15:45

    I love your platform but there is only one thing missing : Linkedin. Please integrate it ! :)

  • Katherine Salamanca commented
    01 Sep 15:43

    add linked in pls pls pls w cherry on top

  • Chelsea Walker commented
    31 Aug 15:40

    PLEASE add LinkedIn - You are my favourite platform and tool for social media management, but this is a huge gap in my ability to use Later as my primary tool.

    If another program came along that had the functionality yours does and has LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram integrated I would have to end up switching over (and I really don't want to!)


  • Stephen Fenwick commented
    27 Aug 21:01

    Agreed! We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for our company's social media marketing. Absolutely love the ease of the app layout, all the ones for LinkedIn are way less convenient. Really hope they add LinkedIn option soon!

  • Heather Thorkelson commented
    27 Aug 18:27

    Please please please add LinkedIn!!! PLEEEEASE

  • Lisa Hazen commented
    26 Aug 02:21

    REALLY want this.

  • Harry Tregoning commented
    22 Aug 06:49

    Please add this- it would make this platform better and more useful

  • Luis Garcia commented
    21 Aug 21:34

    This would make Later the best scheduling platform out there. Please throw it in! It's really a must!

  • Megan McElfresh commented
    21 Aug 16:36

    Would really love to have LinkedIn available with this!

  • k b commented
    13 Aug 20:45

    Love this app but it NEEDS LinkedIn Intergration!

  • Christina Damron commented
    12 Aug 18:52

    Please consider Linked In as another social media scheduling. It owuld really be helpful.

  • Ashley Tan commented
    12 Aug 18:32

    Please add LinkedIn! I really like your app. However I have to use other apps just to include the publishment of LinkedIn. But the user experience of your app is the best. Please consider to add LinkedIn on your tool.

  • Marketing OMT commented
    11 Aug 17:23

    Please add LinkedIn

  • Colette Renee commented
    11 Aug 16:06

    Yes please please add LinkedIn! If you were to add this, I could do all of my social media management with this platform and would definitely pay more for the upgrade!

  • A Johnson commented
    07 Aug 22:31

    please add LinkedIn to the platforms you support! It would be so awesome to have a place that would allow scheduling of all social media sites we utilize.

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