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Add TikTok as a social profile!

It would very useful if there was a way to schedule posts on TikTok too!

  • Guest
  • Apr 3 2019
  • Testing
  • Sep 10, 2020

    Admin response

    Look out for announcements on how to try TikTok scheduling later in September.

  • Attach files
  • 6ix 9ine commented
    23 Jul 10:14pm

    Add Tiktok mates !

  • JW Jones commented
    11 Jul 04:18pm

    Please add Tik Tok! Cheers!

  • Johnson team commented
    8 May 02:16pm

    Can you please add Tiktok? We would really appreciate it!

  • Aline Yordikian commented
    28 Apr 03:46pm

    Hi, could you please add TikTok asap?

  • Christine Barger commented
    4 Mar 07:34am

    Please add TikTok. I have to post early for my audience to engage and I’m often not awake yet, I desperately want a way to schedule posts. Thank you!

  • D W commented
    7 Feb 12:57pm

    We need it now otherwise competitors will be way ahead with their Profile followers

  • Joe commented
    21 Jan 09:44pm


  • Alex commented
    24 Nov, 2019 11:03pm

    Most growing social network. This is a most, our clients are migrating there. Too many, please, want to stay with later

  • Arthur Zablocki commented
    4 Nov, 2019 06:38pm

    Increasing in popularity so much!