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Google Data Studio connector for Instagram Insights

It would be useful to feed Instagram insights data directly into google data studio to always have the most up to date insights without having to export csv's/ take screenshots. This would automate workflows for anyone that does data reporting 

Note: Supermetrics has a similar product for google data studio but I can't get it to report average values of likes, comments, saves, engagement rate because of the way they aggregate their data. I am able to get it to work with later insights but I have to constantly copy and paste post insights into different spreadsheets for each account. 

I hope this gets built and if the later team has any questions on how exactly this product will be used on my end please reach out! Later can probably launch an influencer template for analytics that are generally reported on a media kit and this will streamline the process for so many people that don't even realize they can do this

  • Elizabeth Ter Sahakyan
  • Mar 24 2019
  • Future consideration
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