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Add and delete pictures from carousel

It is so frustrating that if I want to change a picture or add a picture I need to completely discard the post and start from scratch. It would be AMAZING if you could add, edit, subtract, etc from posts already created.

  • Spencer Shander
  • Mar 1 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    8 Oct 12:54pm

    Please update this!!! Shouldn't be that a complex update... Would be much appreciated.

  • Guest commented
    6 Feb 02:08am

    Yeeah we are considering leaving if this doesn't get fixed.

  • laura h commented
    5 Aug, 2020 09:21am

    Please update this soon!

    Extremely fustrating having to recreate a post when I need to add a new product photo last minute. Have to repeat this copy&paste process for all of our social media channels, so its quadruple the work :(

  • Guest commented
    11 Jul, 2020 12:05pm

    This would be a very useful feature! Because this what I'm currently doing. Discard my existing planned posts just to add a picture.

  • Guest commented
    4 Feb, 2020 06:52pm

    This would truly be a useful feature if (like us)) you mainly use carousel posts. 

    Captions copied,  pictures memorized and reselected -assorted every time, to add 1 picture.

    Please work on this pals