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Support Posting to Facebook Groups

I would love to be able to post directly to a group I am admin in. This functionality would get me to leave my free account and pay a membership fee. 

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  • Oct 26 2016
  • Planned
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  • Lisa Piana commented
    6 Oct 06:20pm

    Later team! Can you give your audience an update on if/when this feature will be available? I am going to have to make a choice soon about whether or not to continue my subscription. Love the program for Instagram but not having this integration is doubling my work and I unfortunately can't afford the time wasted...

  • Kassidy Hancey commented
    20 Aug 03:38pm

    With this feature it'd also be SO helpful to be able to schedule to multiple groups! Our account has one main group, but dozens of smaller groups that are created around events or trips.

  • Karen Johnson commented
    17 Aug 07:44pm

    I am testing Later and Hootsuite at the moment. I like the layout of Later and the hashtag recommendations. But not being able to post to my groups is an issue. Can you please bring this on as a benefit. Thanks in advance.

  • Jeannette Barrow commented
    7 Jul 02:38pm

    Hootsuite publishes in groups. This is a deal breaker for me. As much as I would like to go with Later, I am having to go with Hootsuite simply for this issue. You are losing customers because of this. I suggest that you speed up the process because Later is looking weak among the competition. When you get this going, let me know as Hootsuite is expensive and I would like to have value for money.


  • landen stacy commented
    23 Jun 08:30pm

    This was a deal breaker for me. I have been paying for another service that allows instagram, business page, and facebook groups. i liked the options for stories built in but not without being able to schedule in facebook groups. Cancelled my subscription.

  • Patrick Amadeu commented
    22 Jun 10:30am

    So this thing is up since 2016. Here in Australia it is 2020, so four years later and it still has not been actioned? Or any updates by Later??? Seriously?!?!

  • Tracey Jones commented
    19 Jun 02:17am

    I have a paid Later account and love using it to plan out my weekly social media content, however I have just started a Facebook group for my business. I want to be able to schedule to this group but later does not have that ability. I have been using later for years but it seems that I may have to change to another provider. I am currently trying out hootsuit and I am not liking it is as much as later. However I can not justify paying for two services that do the same thing, so if Later does not introduce posting to group within a month I am afraid I will have to cancel my paid plan.

  • Ashley Fox commented
    16 Jun 08:44pm

    This would be very helpful!

  • Victoria Bagnell commented
    10 Jun 10:12pm

    I agree. This is a very important part of social media marketing and I would love to see it integrated into the Later app.

  • Laura Veariel commented
    29 May 08:54pm

    YES! Please make this happen asap. I need my Later account to automatically post and get analytics etc. associated with the appropriate facebook GROUP. (Just because it's not a "page" is not acceptable. If this doesn't happen soon I will absolutely be canceling - and I really love Later.

  • Way Bridge commented
    29 May 05:24pm

    No FB group?! Whyyyyyyy? This is ridiculous. I might have to go back to buffer.

  • Luciana Couto commented
    23 May 09:26pm

    I was about to sign up for a paid plan when I realized I can't use it for FB Groups. What a shame! We're in 2020!

  • Fabio Campanella commented
    20 May 04:34pm

    Dear All, Can I schedule a Facebook Private Group Posting? My goal is upgrade my Later version and post video and picture on my IG, FB PAGE and Private Group Fb ? Can I? Let me knowo Thank you Best Fabio

  • Karla Silver commented
    29 Apr 08:03pm

    Seriously? We're still voting on a basic funtion... since 2016?

  • Plamen Panchev commented
    6 Apr 03:58pm

    Yes, Please!

  • Jason Wain commented
    6 Apr 08:54am

    Yes, agree, this would be a massively useful feature for me too. If Hootsuite could do it, you guys can too!

  • Guest commented
    5 Apr 08:02pm

    Please prioritize this feature! I currently have 10 Facebook groups we are managing and quickly growing.

  • Jill Woods commented
    3 Mar 04:35am

    This was a deal breaker for us - we signed up toLater for a month but have left because we could not post into Facebook Groups

  • Hailey Minton commented
    27 Feb 01:04am

    Seriously this really needs to happen. I hope more people will push them to make this happen quick because with the way things are going on facebook, we need more engagement with the groups that care about the content we're sharing. 

  • Frank Annotee commented
    25 Feb 08:11pm

    Any update on where we are with this?


    I see planned, but for when...?

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