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Allow Stories To Be Scheduled As One Long Video

Instagram stories now auto-split your videos into segments if you choose to post a longer video to Instagram stories, but your app won't allow me to schedule a video longer than 15 seconds. It would be really helpful to be able to schedule longer videos to stories rather than having to split it into frames.

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  • Feb 12 2019
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  • Michael Incavo commented
    22 Jul, 2019 06:26pm

    This is my biggest issue with Later right now. Infuriating. Later's 15-sec limitation on story posts is antiquated as Instagram divides up longer videos when the video is passed to the app. This makes my life much much more complex.

  • Liz commented
    28 Jun, 2019 03:52am

    I'm not sure how this doesn't have more votes. Preventing videos longer than 15 seconds from being scheduled for stories at all is so infuriating! I'll be looking into other scheduling tools that allow this

  • Michael Incavo commented
    22 May, 2019 04:40pm

    using Instagram's app*

  • Michael Incavo commented
    22 May, 2019 04:40pm

    Couldn't agree more. Since story posts scheduled in Later are all manually shared using the app, it seems to me that no functionality even needs to be added -- just the removal of the time limitation on Later's story functionality. It's highly impractical to split and schedule the videos manually. 

  • Nasa Koski commented
    22 Mar, 2019 01:23am

    Yes please! pre-splitting is a file management nightmare on the backend