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Having a full month of posts for free plan

For the free plan you get 30 posts that automatically renew on 1st of the month. This sounds great at first, but the big issue comes when there is month with 31 days. As someone who regularly uses Later for a POTD this cap is incredibly frustrating.

Currently I just wait until midnight the night of the first and schedule the posts then. But a few calculations tell me that this won't last long and eventually I will be behind 5 days every month! Because a year has 365 days, but Later only supports posts for 30 days x 12 months = 360.

You would never sign up for a phone service that only lasts 30 days out of the month. So why is it okay to only offer 30 posts a month? I understand that this is the free version of the product, and they really want you to buy the paid version. But if they truly believed in their product adding one day a month could hurt nothing. Is the only way they are getting paid subscribers because people like me are willing to pay $20+ a month to be able to post consistently everyday? I really don't think so...

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  • Jan 18 2019
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