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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Please enable 2FA through Google Authenticator and Yubikey's. This should be #1 on everyone's list; 2FA is a basic security feature that your team should have enabled to protect your users from well known attacks.

  • Guest
  • Jan 7 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Tim Ziegeler commented
    9 Sep 10:08am

    Please enable this feature! It's much more important than new social media features!

  • Guest commented
    2 Sep 09:18pm

    Absolute must for most companies in the EU to comply with standards, regulations and security practices.

  • Alessia Graziano commented
    5 Mar 12:53pm

    I totally agree, I just reported this and I think is really important to implement it in Later, also due to the fact that payments datas are recorded in our accounts. Grazie Later Team for thinking about it!

  • Amzo Singh commented
    18 Sep, 2020 11:44am

    Google and Microsoft Authenticator, great apps to start with

  • Nick Armstrong commented
    6 Jul, 2020 08:59pm

    100% concur; cannot justify paying for Later without 2FA enabled!

  • Guest commented
    24 Jun, 2020 09:16am

    the 2FA is fundamental for us to protect our Social Media Accounts and requested by our data security department. Not allowed to use Later without 2FA.

  • Precision Nutrition commented
    15 Mar, 2020 03:31am

    This is an absolute must and should be standard on any web service.

  • Guest commented
    13 Oct, 2019 03:34pm

    The lack of this functionality is, unfortunately, a dealbreaker for me. 

  • Guest commented
    27 Sep, 2019 09:37am

    We can't use your product without this. Top priority for us at the FT.

  • Guest commented
    18 Sep, 2019 09:30pm

    This should be PRIORITY #1 at Later!!!

  • Marcia Woodall commented
    19 Jun, 2019 04:44pm

    Would like the added security of two factor authentication added to protect business social media apps.

  • Roman Iakoubtchik commented
    7 Jan, 2019 07:12pm

    Absolute must to protect the access to multiples social profiles within Later.