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Play a sound with the mobile notification

Otherwise I won't be notified. I'm not constantly looking at my phone, you know?

  • Guest
  • Oct 11 2016
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  • Guest commented
    28 Jan, 2017 10:09pm

    It makes no sound and I find myself actually seeing the notification way past the time I wanted to schedule which is pretty frustrating and makes it pointless. I also checked my phone settings and there wasn't much to do aside from make the notification a priority - whatever that means. 

  • Guest commented
    14 Oct, 2016 08:54am

    It did make a sound on a real notification, but not on the test notification. This is a strange test if it doesn't test the whole thing.

    Apart from that, it played the default notification sound. It would be nice if I could select a different sound for this event in the app.

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    14 Oct, 2016 12:50am

    You should be able to set this in your Phone's settings