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Add/Remove Photos after you've created a post

This is literally the only thing Later is missing for me, when you create a post you cannot add new photos to it, you have to copy the text and create a new post

  • Charlie Dearden
  • Dec 17 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Paige Sato commented
    09 Sep 18:54

    oh god, please yes

  • Renny Carroll commented
    30 Aug 23:02

    Not holding my breath by the looks of how long this one has been demanded for haha

  • Renny Carroll commented
    30 Aug 23:02

    Yes please!! This has already annoyed me in my first week of using Later. e.g. a photo which isn't working in any dimensions, which I now need to edit outside of Later to make it work... I've typed everything out for the post... and now I've got to start all from scratch, copy and paste etc... LONG. Should just be able to "change photo"

  • Augusta D'Ambrosio commented
    10 Aug 19:46

    YES. The ability to "swap" a photo for a post instead of having to create an ENTIRELY new post with the new photo. Planoly has this and is one of the reasons I'm considering switching back.

  • Gabe Lloyd commented
    02 Aug 15:54


  • Thomas Helbig commented
    11 Jul 12:07

    This is exactly what I need, please implement. It seems to me that the idea is in discussion for long time now. Hence please implement.

  • Tanner Dritschler commented
    10 Jul 19:07

    This is EXACTLY what my team and I are needing...

    Tanner from DM


  • Gabriele Malaspina commented
    07 Apr 15:52

    It's an indispensable and basic function.

  • Special Projects commented
    31 Mar 12:26

    Please please please. My company prefers multi-photo posts. Whenever my boss has an edit, I have to delete the whole thing. Find all the images again and it feels like starting from scratch. Please allow us to delete and add images to carousel posts that are in process. thanks

  • Guest commented
    29 Jan 10:07

    That would be a life changer!

  • Sarah DeVita-McBride commented
    November 07, 2019 21:21

    YES PLEASE!!! This has become a serious item of irritation for me! Today I had to recreate 1 post 3 times, first because I wanted to delete a picture out of the grouping of photos I had selected, and then one of the photos was to big and created an error for me. Instead of allowing me  to delete the photo that was causing the error, I had to delete and start again! MY GOD PLEASE FIX THIS!

  • Kelita Kelly commented
    November 01, 2019 07:48

    I can not believe in this modern day and age you can not fix this in 15 minutes if you can't PLEASE HIRE SOMEONE I WILL PAY...if you miss putting your picture on because it could be your first time LIKE IT WAS FOR ME ... Oh it's to bad for you ...It's just BLACK and you can not add a picture to fix it. So now I have a video with NO PICTURE... ITS JUST BLACK you have to click on THE BLACK WHERE THE PICTURE SHOULD BE to see my video

  • Matthias Lill commented
    October 31, 2019 09:08

    Same. I use multi posts a lot. But I don't always know at that time exactly which images will be in the post. I have to add or remove just one image from/to multi posts. Right now I have to delete the whole post and recreate. This means searching all the images again which are already part of a multi post. 
    Same for just normal posts. I create the post and content. Use the preview function and see that something is a little off (e.g. colors). I have to delete the whole post and create a new one.

  • Loïc Bellemare-Alford commented
    October 06, 2019 10:03

    I would love to see this! Especially for multi-photos posts. 

  • Adam Hooczko commented
    September 19, 2019 19:29

    YES! Even just being able to switch out photos at will. So many times I decide on a different image and I have to recreate the post.

  • Liz commented
    June 28, 2019 03:49

    Absolutely! You allow this functionality for scheduled stories. Surely it can be easily done for regular posts too

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