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Analytics for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest Merged

We would like to see the analytics for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This will make the Team Members feature more useful and help us move away from having Team Members and Customers use a separate platform for viewing analytics. 

  • Shane Keller
  • Dec 13 2018
  • Future consideration
  • Guest commented
    12 Jan 07:22pm

    Hi there,

    Thanks for getting in touch! I'm currently taking a festive break from Christmas day and returning on Thursday 14th January, I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can on my return.

    For any urgent enquiries email our customer service team hello@lvly.com.au

    Sending LVLY vibes x

  • Guest commented
    31 Oct, 2019 08:29pm

    Later is awesome but needs simple improvements like Facebook analytics and alacarte options. I have paid for the highest platform and only need to use about 50% of it.

  • Guest commented
    25 Oct, 2019 06:07am

    We strongly suggest you to offer Facebook analytics. We live in India and Facebook is the main platform for 90% of advertisers here. Missing the FB analytics is not gonna serve the whole purpose of subscribing Later. 

  • Guest commented
    26 Sep, 2019 10:02am


  • Emily Lutz commented
    11 Sep, 2019 02:44pm

    I'm currently trying out your software and not having Facebook analytics might be a deal breaker.  I really love the software, but it adds hours of work for me to have to manually go into each client's FB analytics and do the reporting on my own.  

  • Jay Dickens commented
    4 Sep, 2019 07:07am

    Facebook analytics is  a must! also the ability to merge all of these platforms into one monthly report to send to clients.

  • Guest commented
    30 Aug, 2019 02:12pm

    Facebook analytics would be very helpful. We have Twitter and Instagram numbers - seems silly to leave one out. 

  • Guest commented
    19 Aug, 2019 11:00pm

    I wish I didn’t have to go to so many platforms and apps to get the information I need! Better analytics across the board would help... especially analytics for Facebook!

  • Guest commented
    20 Jun, 2019 11:57pm

    Part of the agreement for management to purchase this tool for me was that in return I would provide analytics  that track progress and make sure they are getting the most of their money. It would really help to streamline all the analytic information I would give them, which includes facebook! 

  • Guest commented
    20 Jun, 2019 01:57pm

    Later really has such simple posting - but the lacking facebook analytics are what's going to keep me from using it. As soon as this is implemented I'd happily go back to later!

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    18 Jun, 2019 11:03pm

    Pinterest and Twitter analytics are both available on Later.

  • Guest commented
    3 Jun, 2019 01:57pm

    Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest would be a total game changer!

  • Jen Meredith commented
    10 Feb, 2019 09:10pm

    This, and weekly reports for all these platforms would be perfect! One step further would be the ability to merge all of these platforms into one weekly report to send to clients.

  • Charles Haynes commented
    29 Jan, 2019 10:52pm

    Analytics and demographics information is incredibly important for us to maintain parity between platforms and for reporting purposes. Currently, you have to either go to multiple platforms, login on mobile or desktop into client accounts, or use multiple other third parties.

  • Guest commented
    18 Dec, 2018 10:45pm

    More data, better decisions. 

  • Guest commented
    18 Dec, 2018 10:45pm

    Twitter and Facebook analytics should be a no brainer and super helpful, especially when you're running campaign reports across the major social platforms. It would be an awesome compliment to everything you guys already offer. Thanks,

  • Guest commented
    14 Dec, 2018 04:28am

    Later has the simplest posting I've seen, just wish if it only had better analytics.

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