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Ability to tag people in post images

Would be awesome if there's a way for us to tag people/images while scheduling each posts.

  • Guest
  • Oct 6 2016
  • Shipped
  • Aug 16, 2018

    Admin response

    We have now shipped the ability to add People Tags (and Geo Tagging) to IG posts!

    One restriction is they have to be scheduled as "auto-publish", as this will only work going through the new Instagram API.  Also - we can't query the IG API for people's names, so we unfortunately cannot do autocomplete on names

    Hope this feature helps!

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  • Guest commented
    14 Sep 08:01pm

    Beyond Instagram, is tagging available on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter? I have attempted to tag accounts by putting the @ prior to the establishment but haven't had anything autopopulate.

  • Guest commented
    5 Sep, 2018 01:07pm

    I am having the same problem. Neither in the iOS app, nor on the web app, I can add a geo tag or tag a person. Is there any documentation on this? Thanks

  • Mel M commented
    29 Aug, 2018 02:44pm

    I just downloaded the app but don’t see this feature on mobile or desktop. How do we tag people/geo tag auto-publish posts?

  • Emma Culling commented
    13 Jul, 2018 12:24am

    Also curious when this will be implemented!

  • Guest commented
    10 Jul, 2018 09:33am

    I see that your team mentioned moving forward with this in mid-may. It's now early July. What's the schedule looking like?

  • Guest commented
    29 May, 2018 05:42am

    How does "Preview" accomplish tagging users? Perhaps you could implement a similar work around? 

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    14 May, 2018 06:23pm

    This is now possible due to changes in the IG API - so we are working on it!

  • Guest commented
    16 Feb, 2018 11:25pm

    Instagram allow, the software Ettus use this feature.

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    18 Jan, 2017 01:52am

    There may be some confusion here though - you can definitely @mention users in captions and comments via Later - you just cannot tag them in photos.

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    18 Jan, 2017 01:50am

    Again - we would love to add people tags to posts, but we just simple cannot.  Instagram doesn't allow it.  If you can get Instagram to change their API that would be awesome!

    We do support and help engagement in other ways though - we help businesses engage with followers and other IG users through Search & Repost, and comments.  In addition we enable activation of followers via Linkin.bio, and we are working on other great features too!

    If you have any suggestions for other ways to help engagement, please do let us know.

  • Guest commented
    18 Jan, 2017 01:32am

    Tagging is a huge part of social media. So LATER is beneficial for scheduling a post but not for engagement? 

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    11 Oct, 2016 06:52pm

    unfortunately, Instagram doesn't let us send people tags across to their app :-(

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