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Have a filter for Un-Labeled Photos Merged

 am currently working on creating labels for my content. I have quite a large media library so I've been having a problem loading older content (there are so many files as I scroll that it stops loading after picture 700 or so). Wondering if there is a way to filter photos so that I can see only "un-labeled" photos in the future. Would be great to seperate photos that hadn't been labeled yet.  

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  • Nov 21 2018
  • Future consideration
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    6 May, 2019 11:42pm

    Yes please.

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  • Guest commented
    10 Apr, 2019 04:41pm

    This would be extremely helpful for locating images that have not been labeled. When you upload lots of content at once it's easy to miss labeling an image or 2. I also have a very expansive library and not having this feature has costed me alot of extra time re-proofing my media library.