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Leave Geotags in the Metadata of photos uploaded to Later

When working on your next update, can you all think about leaving the geotag information in photos scheduled to be posted? This makes it easier to have locations automatically pull up in instagram. Without it, people like me who travel a lot for work, many times cannot tag the location at which a photo was taken. Many people search posts by location, and this would help our visibility and branding.
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  • Oct 4 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • Loïc Bellemare-Alford commented
    10 Nov, 2019 03:18pm

    I also agree this would be great when traveling.

  • Jared Platt commented
    6 Feb, 2018 09:17pm

    It makes no sense to remove any of the metadata in a photo.  Just leave the metadata in tact as it comes in so that other social media platforms can use it at will, and then you as a platform scheduler can also just provide a info page to see it all.  I consult companies who are uploading content all the time and it is not so difficult to leave the metadata intact.  Leave the GPS, leave the tags, leave the descriptions and the title.  This way, anyone who has any of that info no longer needs to enter it twice, or loose it in the posting process.  It seems that by stripping content from our content, you may be helping us post content by scheduling it, but you are limiting the effectiveness of our content by stripping it of the data.  Plus, we have to write our notes twice.  That is not a time saver at all.

  • Ashley Sloat commented
    2 Nov, 2016 05:02pm

     I agree, this would be an extremely valuable tool. We often share (with permission) other users photos and it is important for our business to be able to share the location, which means we have to constantly go back into the Instagram post to find the location which makes it more time consuming.

  • Alberto Bevilacqua commented
    26 Oct, 2016 09:42am

    I use to post on Instagram the photos I take with my Canon EOS 5DmkIII.
    At the end of my workflow I publish on Intagram some of the pics I take for my clients.
    The pix are provided with GPS metadata.
    When I post them directly through the Instagram app, correct location is maintained.
    When I do the same through Later, it is not.
    If I try to set it on the fly I am only aloud to set my actual location, from my phone.
    Can you maintain the original GPS location?