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More detailed analytics

Better insight of analytics.
Not interrested in likes/comments but more on, how many people that have seen my post, which hastags posts where discovered most on, how much exposure gained through each hastag, and exposure of the entire post, to new accounts aswell.

I need something like the already availble Instagram bussines analytics, but here on later. Also if the post has made it to "Search" and how it good it has done. Better egagement analytics, not in percentage, but how many new accounts and accounts already following, that have seen my content.
 I know, most of this is available on the instagram app, but would be nice to have it here on Later...

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  • Oct 9 2018
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  • Dana Flower commented
    7 May 03:40pm

    Also, would like to see new followers by day, not just total followers. This would allow us to tie spikes and dips in new followers to posts, influencer campaigns, and other non-social campaigns like PR and email marketing.

  • Kelly Trent commented
    10 Feb 10:52pm

    Definitley see value in this. We need a one-stop- dashboard for higher level analytics.